Camille Maalawy, mezzo-soprano

I have not followed an orthodox career, but have been lucky enough to be part of new and exciting works, often exploring the fusion between Arabic and western classical music.

Thomas Elwin, tenor

I think it is important not to imitate. Why be a Chinese whisper of someone else when you can have you own voice.

Tara Helen O’Connor, flautist

a complete immersion into the art of music. Everyone helps each other and the performances are utterly exhilarating. Music@Menlo is like food for the musical soul. You leave a better musician, enriched and fulfilled.

Dmitri Atapine, cellist

To survive in the modern classical music world, one must be able to play all styles and composers well, and when I get repertoire requests, I never shy away from a challenge or from an opportunity to expand my artistic palette.

Joseph Phibbs, composer

I see my music as largely built on the classical tradition, but – hopefully – exploring new possibilities within it.