Yuki Negishi, pianist

I try to give my all for each performance so it really doesn’t matter where I play –  each concert leaves me with things to improve

Boris Bizjak, flautist

Concerts themselves give me inspiration. The more concerts you get, the more inspirational it is

Seljan Nasibli, soprano

“if I can provide a comfort, can convey and give emotion and move an audience, I would consider that a success”

Luis Toscano, musical director of Cupertinos

Who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? In one way or another, all of the singers in Cupertinos have had our initial contact and experiences with the choral world in informal or amateur contexts, during our childhood years. There is a very rich and well established amateur…

Alexander Shelley, conductor

I like to joke that we conductors are the most polygamous of musicians – it is our job to fall head of heels in love with several new works a week.