Katya Grineva, pianist

I loved playing piano the moment I touched it for the first time. There was never a question of me doing anything other than becoming a concert pianist

Thomas Cameron, tenor

If you can create memories that truly impact people and make a difference, you are a pretty successful musician in my eyes.

Ellie Slorach, conductor

It’s a game of give and take really! Of course, I want to convey the voice of the composer and be true to what they wrote on the page as well. As the designated ‘leader’ in the rehearsal room and performance, it’s important to bring the right energy to the music and ensure I’m inspiring the players and singers so we’re all making the best music we can.

Johannes Motschmann, composer

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? It was a combination of improvising and writing music: as a child, I had several instruments to investigate sounds before I learned to compose. I played piano, organ, guitar and trombone, as well as playing in my hometown’s youth orchestra and in several bands….

Susie Georgiadis, soprano

I would say that true success is being able to do this job with dedication and curiosity; always trying to tell people something new through this form of art, respecting the composers’ wishes too but putting your soul into everything you do. Being able to do this is what I think we call success.

Sarah Nicolls, pianist

The singular greatest challenge I’ve experienced is the result of asking “why don’t we change the shape of the piano?”. It turns out this is at least a life’s work!