Shelly Berg, pianist

My favourite word for a musician is “trust”. We all practice very hard to have the requisite knowledge and skills. Trust is the ineffable ingredient. When we trust that what we communicate will resonate with the listener, that we don’t have to impress the audience, show off, or never miss a note, we will find our way to music’s essence.

Lara Martins, soprano

My greatest challenge is probably having the ability – and the desire – to embrace wildly different repertoires and styles. The performing arts world loves categories and labels, but I resist being pigeonholed and constantly push the boundaries of what I sing. I am equally comfortable singing cabaret in an intimate music venue, arias in an opera gala, musical theatre on the West End stage, or contemporary music with a sixty- piece orchestra!

Antoine Préat, pianist

I try to keep things as varied as possible (for my own sake). It’s very important to me to present programmes that make sense as a whole, with some kind of logic, and which provide continuity to the listener. I mostly pick works that I feel very strongly about when it comes to performing: there are many works I love that do not love me back!

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