Alice Sara Ott, pianist

My parents took me a to piano recital when I was three because they couldn’t find a babysitter that night. I don’t remember the pieces the pianist played but I was fascinated by the power of music that made the audience quiet for nearly two hours. I thought that if I learned this “language” people would also listen to what I want to say

Susan Tomes, pianist & writer

For me, the most important thing to impart to students is that great music is not ‘entertainment’, nor just a social accomplishment, but a reflection of life.

Maria Marchant, pianist

I believe the role of a musician is in many ways akin to an interpreter. The piano is a monumental instrument, as Kathryn Stott once mentioned to me, and we are blessed with the ever growing huge canon of repertoire – solo, concerto and chamber.

Cicilia Yudha, pianist

While the printed score is in two-dimensional black and white, music is a living language. As musicians, we must bring the notes to life and express the music as a colorful, three-dimensional world.

Lucille Chung, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music? I have the vague memory of asking my non-musical parents to buy me a piano ever since I was two. Perhaps it was a live telecast of Arthur Rubinstein or even Liberace (!) that sparked my interest in the…