Tito Muñoz, conductor

It’s my responsibility to foster an environment in which each performer can do their best. It’s also my responsibility to guide the interpretation of the work, and this can only come from study

Irina Botan, pianist & festival director

work should not be limited to the practice room and the office, as being curious about the world and allowing oneself to experience life to fullest is the only way to become a complete artist

Daniel Ciobanu, pianist

I feel that basically the people make “the venue”. Their energy, interest, respect and vulnerability to be touched and create this sort of tension of curiosity in the hall is what feeds me most

Raffaello Morales, conductor

My view is that there is no one interpretation of a piece, but there are as many as there are interpreters and the hierarchy of their worth should be looked for in what kind of emotional response each of them triggers in the listeners, rather than in their relevance to the score

Marouan Benabdallah, pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Zoltán Kodály said that child’s education starts 9 months before birth. It certainly applies to me. My [Hungarian] mother is a music teacher and choir conductor. My [Moroccan] father, a physicist, used to play classical guitar at a very advanced level, so I must…

Hibla Gerzmava, operatic soprano

Meet the Artist caught up with Hibla Gerzmava ahead of her Carnegie Hall recital on 1 November Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? I was born in a very beautiful place on the seashore of Pitsunda, a city in Abkhazia, and nature, the clear mountain air and the sounds of…