Seljan Nasibli, soprano

“if I can provide a comfort, can convey and give emotion and move an audience, I would consider that a success”

Luis Toscano, musical director of Cupertinos

Who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? In one way or another, all of the singers in Cupertinos have had our initial contact and experiences with the choral world in informal or amateur contexts, during our childhood years. There is a very rich and well established amateur…

Alexander Shelley, conductor

I like to joke that we conductors are the most polygamous of musicians – it is our job to fall head of heels in love with several new works a week.

Stephan Moccio, compser

Like a true architect, the biggest challenge is striking a balance between appeasing your artistic soul and satisfying the client. Magic happens when the client stretches the composer ‘just enough’ to get them out of their comfort zone – that ‘magic’ is called ‘growth’.

Erika Raum, violinist

Erika Raum is a violinist with ARC Ensemble (Artists of the Royal Conservatory, Toronto), which has quickly become one of Canada’s leading cultural ambassadors. The group has a core membership of piano, strings, and clarinet – all the players are senior faculty members of the Conservatory’s Glenn Gould School – which is supplemented by guest…

Sabine Weyer, pianist

I like to be curious and one of my biggest passions is to explore new (I mean unknown) repertoire, rare works that are not so often performed in the normal concert seasons throughout the world.