Joo Yeon Sir, violinist

Who or what inspired you to take up the violin and pursue a career in music? It was my parents and their love for classical music that first introduced to classical music. I remember being surrounded by my dad’s extensive LP and CD collections of different genres, having some Mozart quartets or old classic pop…

Dani Howard, composer

I would certainly say that a rhythmic drive features heavily in most of my work. Being almost post-minimalistic with a constantly shifting harmonic centre, I think a lot about ‘implied melodies’ where I take the function of a melody, but rather than a ‘melody’ as we think of it in old fashioned terms – I enjoy creating these ‘implied melodies’ out of harmonic ideas.

Aaron Boyd, violinist

Certain works move me most deeply when I have the privilege to play them; Any of the Bach solo Sonatas and Partitas, Faure’s 2nd Violin Sonata, Bruckner’s Viola Quintet, Schubert’s G Major Quartet, Mozart’s G Minor Viola Quintet, Stravinsky’s Dithyrambe, and Bach’s Art of Fugue are particularly meaningful to me.

Jamie Bergin, pianist

It’s important to choose pieces that you love. I try to put pieces together that contrast in emotion and get different responses from the audience.

Daniel Ott, composer

I think success for a composer can be measured when he/she no longer has to take a direct hand in arranging a performance. When a piece is “out there” and getting performed, I think that’s a success, and it’s certainly gratifying for a composer when that happens.

Thomas Guthrie, director, baritone & director

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? I grew up with music of all kinds, but Radio 3 was nearly always on in the kitchen. My (late, wonderful) sister and I used to have our favourite tapes (cassettes, ancient means of playing music!), and be competitive with them. Mine was Mozart…