Misty Posey, singer

Who or what inspired you to take up singer-songwriter, and pursue a career in music? Vocals: Everyone who has ever given me feedback, leads me to know what I do well. Writing: Like my dad, I go around humming and singing nonsense tunes – his creativity comes out no matter what task he is at….

Adria Foster, flautist

Learn from everyone around you. Be open-minded, be appreciative of the talents of others, and accept loss and disappointment as an opportunity to grow and improve.

Paul Merkelo, trumpeter

Who or what inspired you to take up the trumpet and pursue a career in music? The first time I heard a recording of Wynton Marsalis playing the Haydn and Hummel concertos, I knew I wanted to work hard to pursue my life in music Who or what have been the most important influences on…

Aaron Boyd, violinist

Certain works move me most deeply when I have the privilege to play them; Any of the Bach solo Sonatas and Partitas, Faure’s 2nd Violin Sonata, Bruckner’s Viola Quintet, Schubert’s G Major Quartet, Mozart’s G Minor Viola Quintet, Stravinsky’s Dithyrambe, and Bach’s Art of Fugue are particularly meaningful to me.

Esther Yoo, violinist

Every time we pick up our instruments or walk on to a stage, we have the privilege of creating, communicating and sharing. Figuring out what kind of musician you want to be is the first step and then comes the path of constant searching and discovering.

Branford Marsalis, saxophonist

Listen to as many records as possible, develop a massive sound vocabulary, and learn to interact with the musicians you are onstage with.