Amy Bebbington, conductor

I see myself as an enabler and a facilitator; someone who can convince, guide, educate and enlighten a musical ensemble to invest, trust and believe in me.

Tom Hammond, conductor

I think my role – which really is only actually needed when there are more musicians than could comfortably work as a chamber ensemble – is to passionately interpret the composer’s intentions by having a considered and researched view of the music, then organising and motivating the performers to achieve that.

Jane Glover, conductor

Who or what are the most significant influences on your musical life? In terms of significance, it has to be Benjamin Britten and also Bernard Haitink whom I assisted when I was at Glyndebourne, but basically one learns from absolutely everyone one works with and for. As I say to my students, you take what…

Alan Tongue, conductor

    Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? I was brought up in a musical family – my father sang, my mother was a pianist – and my music master at school allowed me to conduct. From then on music was my life. Who or what have been the most…