Katarzyna Kowalik, harpsichordist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? My grandma was my first piano teacher and a true inspiration. A piano was in her house, where I grew up until I was 4, and she taught me the first songs. She also wrote down my own compositions when I was 5 and…

Yerkesh Shakeyev, composer

My music is not classified as “classical” or “pop” music but a hybrid of both. It has the accessibility, logic and shortness of pop music, and the philosophy, emotion and depth of the classical genre.

Elizabeth Sombart, pianist

I think that we are called by the music. Sometimes we have to choose a piece because we are asked to, but I can say that in my life I have had the great luxury of being able to choose the pieces I really felt I had to play.

Remembering Sir Thomas Beecham

This week Meet the Artist will feature a pair of interviews with musicians who are paying tribute to the great Sir Thomas Beecham in a special concert of music by the composer he revered above all others – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The concert also marks the launch of a new orchestra. The interviews are with…