Leonard Elschenbroich, cellist

The fewer the notes, the better I play. That’s what I learned. Not sure what that says about me. But on a certain level, I feel that my preoccupation with overtones, and a vertical upward and downward connection to the sound – to some kind of ether and to some kind of abyss – takes time

Sophie Webber, cellist

Working towards fulfilling one’s potential as a musician is a lifetime undertaking, one that requires much patience, determination, and wonder! Don’t forget to smell the roses!

Amit Peled, cellist

Who or what inspired you to take up the cello, and pursue a career in music? I grew up in a tiny kibbutz in Israel and in 4th grade we were all “forced” to take up a musical instrument. As a basketball player this was the last thing on my mind… Luckily there was a…

Julian Schwarz, cellist

My success as a musician is defined by how much of my life I can fill with playing and performing great music. I love to play. I love to make music with friends and inspiring colleagues. Success for me is not earning a lot of money or becoming famous—it is getting to create art every day.

Gabriel Schwabe, cellist

Developing as a musician is a constant struggle with one’s own weaknesses and limitations. The process of chiseling away at these to enable your own personal sound and musical ideas to come through is incredibly satisfying to me. Every day there are small battles to be won!