Jonathan Biss, pianist

you spend every day touching these masterpieces but you never come to some end point where you can say “that is just the way I want it” because you’re always looking for more in them. That is exactly what is so wonderful about them too, but it is simultaneously what is very difficult

Haochen Zhang, pianist

Who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? I would say that there is no single influence in my musical life which I would regard as the most important. I always learn so much from my teachers and friends whose personalities and ideas are vastly different from one…

Luka Okros, pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? I don’t really remember how exactly it started, as music has been with me my whole life. I heard music in my head and soon or later it needed to be let out. Luckily, we had an upright piano at home, so when I…

Jamie Bergin, pianist

It’s important to choose pieces that you love. I try to put pieces together that contrast in emotion and get different responses from the audience.

Yehuda Inbar, pianist

For me the greatest advantage of being a musician is the freedom to do what I want and what interests me. So I would say the definition of success would be the ability to choose to do things that I love, to play pieces I love with people or orchestras I enjoy working and playing with.

Leon Gurvitch, pianist & composer

I do not have any definite repertoire strategy. In my case I compose or arrange new pieces and as soon as I think they are mature for the stage, I add them to my program and try them out in live performances.