Esther Yoo, violinist

Every time we pick up our instruments or walk on to a stage, we have the privilege of creating, communicating and sharing. Figuring out what kind of musician you want to be is the first step and then comes the path of constant searching and discovering.

Elena Urioste, violinist

While hard work, focus, and perseverance are definitely necessary qualities on the path to a successful life in music — whatever that means to you — equally, self-care, compassion, and rest are vital ingredients to a sustainable life and career.

Lisa Oshima, violinist 

It is so important to go to concerts to listen to other musicians’ performances to be inspired. But leading a healthy life and keeping your mind pure is the most basic important thing.

Elisabeth Turmo, violinist

Who or what inspired you to take up the violin and pursue a career in music? The reason I started to play the violin was very random, my father simply asked me one day; “do you want to start playing the violin?” when I was seven years old, and I said “yes!”. The first years…