Nicholas Little, conductor

I want our audiences to come away from a concert feeling inspired and moved by this incredible music. If we achieve that, job done!

Tito Muñoz, conductor

It’s my responsibility to foster an environment in which each performer can do their best. It’s also my responsibility to guide the interpretation of the work, and this can only come from study

Raffaello Morales, conductor

My view is that there is no one interpretation of a piece, but there are as many as there are interpreters and the hierarchy of their worth should be looked for in what kind of emotional response each of them triggers in the listeners, rather than in their relevance to the score

Ellie Slorach, conductor

It’s a game of give and take really! Of course, I want to convey the voice of the composer and be true to what they wrote on the page as well. As the designated ‘leader’ in the rehearsal room and performance, it’s important to bring the right energy to the music and ensure I’m inspiring the players and singers so we’re all making the best music we can.

Jessica Cottis, conductor

I find it very fascinating how music sounds different in different venues. We create music for a specific venue with every performance. All this said, I do love the Royal Albert Hall.