Theo Croker, trumpeter

I’m an artist, a creator, music is a vessel. As long as I’m honest and true to the inspiration I am successful.

Branford Marsalis, saxophonist

Listen to as many records as possible, develop a massive sound vocabulary, and learn to interact with the musicians you are onstage with.

Duncan Eagles, jazz saxophonist

I think there are many moments that define what kind of musician you are / will become. One of the earliest I remember was borrowing a John Coltrane double album from school. It was probably the first jazz CD I checked out.

Aydenne Simone, jazz & blues vocalist

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music? My father was a jazz musician, and a massive jazz fan. Jazz is what I grew up listening to and was given my first jazz album at 6 years old. Who or what were the most important influences on your…