Sandro Naglia, conductor

The challenge is to enter the deep well of the score, the fulfilment comes when you reach a complete empathy with the players in real time, and this can possibly make the music spring.

Giacomo Susani, guitarist

To me success can be both artistic and professional and I believe it is important to make this distinction. This said, I feel the best success I wish to have is to artistically fulfil my aspirations and, because of that, be admired and respected by audiences and musicians alike. Fingers crossed!

Lucia Brighenti, pianist

I believe that a musician can feel accomplished and successful as long as he/she is staying faithful to his/her own values and beliefs: make music the best you can, love the music you are making and make other people love it; communicate and move people with your music.

Elena dtm Lorenzi, singer

I love the energy that a singer transmits, the depth of the interpretation and the truth of what is told through music.

Sara Minelli, flautist

Who or what inspired you to take up the flute and pursue a career in music? My parents aren’t musicians so those who inspired me have been my music teachers in Montepulciano (Siena -Tuscany), where I lived. First of all they chose me to be part of a children’s choir for a festival founded and directed by the composer Hans Werner Henze, who lived in the same town. My first musical experience ever was…

Daniela Mastrandrea, pianist, composer & arranger

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano, and pursue a career in music? I was five years old when my aunt took me to my first music school. She convinced me to take piano lessons and my mother was given the hardest of the tasks… she had to persevere in order to…