Walter Witt, pianist

Stay true to what is written but trust your instincts. Listen deeply. Never stop searching. Never give up on what you love to do as a musician or in life. If you do, it is like running out of water, you will die of thirst.

Iyad Sughayer, pianist

I go through phases and get fascinated and obsessed by certain composers and sound worlds. I love bringing unknown works to the stage and usually perform works I’m currently in love with!

Daniel Ciobanu, pianist

I feel that basically the people make “the venue”. Their energy, interest, respect and vulnerability to be touched and create this sort of tension of curiosity in the hall is what feeds me most

Avguste Antonov, pianist

Due to the specific repertoire I perform in recitals (American living composers) and the fact that I didn’t win any major competitions, the biggest challenge I have encountered and continue to encounter is getting my name out there, getting my name and the quality of my performances in front of presenters and orchestra directors.

Christian Ihle Hadland, pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? To sound a little pompous, I think the choice made itself. I never thought of anything else I wanted to do. When I went to gymnasium [secondary school], I chose mathematics, physics and biology to have some sort of backup, but I realized very…

Simon Lepper, pianist

The biggest challenge is to continue on your own path and not panic when there’s a blank page in your diary. It does fill up! But I sometimes feel you have to have the attitude of a gambler to work as a freelance song pianist: one day a singer cancels but the next a singer might call.