Tara Helen O’Connor, flautist

a complete immersion into the art of music. Everyone helps each other and the performances are utterly exhilarating. Music@Menlo is like food for the musical soul. You leave a better musician, enriched and fulfilled.

Dmitri Atapine, cellist

To survive in the modern classical music world, one must be able to play all styles and composers well, and when I get repertoire requests, I never shy away from a challenge or from an opportunity to expand my artistic palette.

Gloria Chien, piano

Don’t be afraid to make your own path – what awaits you on the other side will be the most rewarding!

Aaron Boyd, violinist

Certain works move me most deeply when I have the privilege to play them; Any of the Bach solo Sonatas and Partitas, Faure’s 2nd Violin Sonata, Bruckner’s Viola Quintet, Schubert’s G Major Quartet, Mozart’s G Minor Viola Quintet, Stravinsky’s Dithyrambe, and Bach’s Art of Fugue are particularly meaningful to me.