Gabriella Di Laccio, soprano

For me, concerts venues are all about the audience and the energy that happens. It can be someone’s living room or the Wigmore Hall; nothing beats the magical feeling of real communication through music.

Camille Maalawy, mezzo-soprano

I have not followed an orthodox career, but have been lucky enough to be part of new and exciting works, often exploring the fusion between Arabic and western classical music.

Thomas Elwin, tenor

I think it is important not to imitate. Why be a Chinese whisper of someone else when you can have you own voice.

Delphine Galou, contralto

Not to look for success but to share the happiness of making music and to touch the audience with one’s sincerity.

Peter Schöne, baritone

Desire and hunger are the two key elements that I would impart to aspiring musicians. By desire, I mean that there shouldn’t be anything in the world you would rather do than sing.

Chen Reiss, soprano

Who or what inspired you to take up singing, and pursue a career in music? I would say my mother did, who is a soprano herself. I grew up listening to opera and to classical music, I played the piano from a young age and danced classical ballet. I used every opportunity to sing in…