Tom Hammond, conductor

I think my role – which really is only actually needed when there are more musicians than could comfortably work as a chamber ensemble – is to passionately interpret the composer’s intentions by having a considered and researched view of the music, then organising and motivating the performers to achieve that.

Stacey Watton, double bassist

Who or what inspired you to take up double bass and pursue a career in music? I put my hand up for everything but the only thing left by the time I was chosen was the double bass – then I saw it and thought “cool, I like big toys!” Who or what were the most important influences…

Paul Moravec, composer

The pleasures of working with imaginative, engaged, and skillful musicians are immense and in some ways unexpected. Working with great musicians is a truly healthy collaboration

Douglas J Cuomo, composer

I enjoy working on music for specific performers or groups — I literally imagine them playing the music as I write it.