Howard Skempton, composer

I am always seeking to develop my musical language. I hope it is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of circumstances.

Nicolas Dautricourt, violinist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Many things and many people have inspired me, and sometimes they are very different from each other. Throughout life should we cultivate what we have, or should we try to acquire what we DON’T have? It’s a crucial question and I think that somehow,…

Alexander Bedenko, clarinettist

To me success is a dead silence during your performance on stage, when you can hear someone’s breath from the audience and when after the concert you see people’s eyes full of joy and sometimes tears and sense the sincere enrichment of their souls.

James Gilchrist, tenor

… treat every performance as equally important. It’s so easy to say the “big gigs” are the big ones. Of course they are. But the little ones matter just as much. Even more, perhaps

Lilit Grigoryan, pianist

I don’t think there is one definition of success. There is a path to being a musician – being passionate about the music, the instrument, the composers and their works. I think every musician has his or her own way of expressing this passion

Ishay Shaer, pianist

When someone tells me after a concert that they had heard that piece so many times, but that my performance gave them a new perspective of that work, I know I’ve had a little success right there.