Sitkovetsky Piano Trio

We are always only a little part of the entirety of music. For sure you can play alone but without many other participants beforehand or during the performance like the composer himself, the audience, the partners, the luthier or architect who built the hall it wouldn’t be the same. One alone is basically nothing.

Delta Piano Trio

Life is full of challenges. I think there are generally a lot of misconceptions about classical musicians. People often ask “You have a concert today, so the rest of the day you must be free?” They don’t realize that with every concert come hours and hours of practicing and rehearsing. Of course, as musicians we take the things that come with it. Playing an instrument until you reach a certain level of mastery requires a lot of practice. We all go through ups and downs and the hard work is not always fun. But in the end it’s the music that wins. And when we are on stage we forget everything else.