Irina Botan, pianist & festival director

work should not be limited to the practice room and the office, as being curious about the world and allowing oneself to experience life to fullest is the only way to become a complete artist

Daniel Ciobanu, pianist

I feel that basically the people make “the venue”. Their energy, interest, respect and vulnerability to be touched and create this sort of tension of curiosity in the hall is what feeds me most

Matei Varga, pianist

We have to be relevant and people have to be interested in coming to hear us. Also, there is a major difference between venues and audiences. In New York, I would seldom play a complete programme of Beethoven Sonatas; however, when I go back to my native Romania, such a recital would be sold out months in advance… You have to adapt!

Mihai Ritivoiu, pianist

I try to choose pieces that I know will attract me enough to keep coming back to and working at them, intensely and consistently.