Sitkovetsky Piano Trio

We are always only a little part of the entirety of music. For sure you can play alone but without many other participants beforehand or during the performance like the composer himself, the audience, the partners, the luthier or architect who built the hall it wouldn’t be the same. One alone is basically nothing.

Supriya Nagarajan, composer

Compositions happen in small bits, over time and you react to things in rehearsals. So, for me it’s about having an open-minded approach and a flexible mindset.

Joanna Lee, composer

Working with particular musicians means you can compose tailor-made pieces specifically to them – one hopes this will lead to a piece that is of greater enjoyment and fulfilment for them but also, is a greater success overall

Paul Moravec, composer

The pleasures of working with imaginative, engaged, and skillful musicians are immense and in some ways unexpected. Working with great musicians is a truly healthy collaboration

Douglas J Cuomo, composer

I enjoy working on music for specific performers or groups — I literally imagine them playing the music as I write it.