Meet the Artist selected for inclusion in the UK Web Archive at the British Library

I am delighted to announce that Meet the Artist has been selected for inclusion in the the UK Web Archive at the British Library.

Established in 2012 on my sister site The Cross-Eyed Pianist, Meet the Artist is a series of interviews in which musicians, conductors and composers discuss aspects of their creative lives, including inspirations, influences, repertoire, performance, recording, significant teachers and more. The interviews offer revealing insights into the musician’s working life, and each one provides advice to young or aspiring musicians and thoughts on the definition of “success” as a musician today.

Featured artists include Stephen Hough, Rick Wakeman, Joanna Macgregor, Tamara Stefanovich, Rachel Podger, Jonathan Biss, Mahan Esfahani, Kirill Gerstein, Charlotte Bray, James Macmillan, Mark Wigglesworth, Roderick Williams, Jess Gillam and JACK Quartet.

While many “big names” in the music world appear in the series, I am keen to support young, up-and-coming and lesser-known artists, and recent years the series has broadened its remit beyond the classical world to include jazz, World and even pop musicians.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the musicians who have appeared in the series for sharing their fascinating and inspiring insights.

Frances Wilson (“The Cross-Eyed Pianist”), June 2019

The UK Web Archive was established in 2004 to capture and archive websites from the UK domain and across the web, responding to the challenge of a digital black hole in the nation’s memory. It contains specially selected websites that represent different aspects of UK heritage on the web, as well as important global events.

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