HJ Soul, RnB/soul singer-songwriter

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I’ve been heavily influenced by the charm of the 90s RnB era of music, and my new album ‘All In The Mind’, out this year, improvises the sound of that era, with a more contemporary RnB style to sound relevant for the sound of today’s music. I also appreciate the style of clothing around that time, as well as the soulful sounds in the music which made it feel like it was a special time to be alive. I have improvised my music from that era of nostalgic timeless sounds, which has inspired me to incorporate that era of music into my own music with a more contemporary sound. 

Who or what have been the most significant influences on your musical life and career?

I enjoy listening to classic soul from the 70s as well, including many of those wonderful soul groups around that time. These singers encouraged me to create the musical sounds that I’ve improvised within my own music, along with a contemporary style for it sound relevant to today’s music and to also convey the soulfulness that derives from me having a very old soul.

What have been the greatest challenges of your career so far?

There have been many hurdles in my career so far, and this has inspired me to talk about these struggles in the words of some of my songs. I knows that it’s a journey that I must take myself, and that I need to be the source of my own inspiration to continue with it; that needs a tremendous amount of courage and faith which I have in abundance. I will continue to be more patient with this journey and fulfil my destiny to accomplish these goals that I’ve set for myself.

The song  ‘This Journey’ from my album ‘All In The Mind’ talks about this journey.

Of which songs/recordings are you most proud?

I can’t say that I am proud of any individual song particularly, although I would say that ‘All In The Mind’ was a song that was necessary to write as mental health is a major topic to address in our lives today, and the words that I’ve written actually talk about these difficulties and the motivational words for people to get through these tremendously difficult times with faith and the trust within their own spirits for the freedom of a peace of mind which is paramount to mental health.

Tell us more about your album All In The Mind. What was the inspiration/motivation behind this album?

I think this album was made to deliver a message to my fans out there, and the importance of music to sometimes translate ideas and messages through the words of songs, especially if they carry a thoughtful message and idealism with them. Most of the songs in this album talk about the importance of never giving up with whatever challenge that life could bring and how that links with mental health – that sometimes changing your mindset and irrational mentalities can help bring you closer to your goals. I think it’s important to know that any problems we go through in life will be temporary, that better times will also be amongst us again, and so when you struggle with mental health or any hurdles through life it should be not thought of as something depressing, rather something you need to go through in order to get to the better time in life that is waiting for us and not to give up. I am also a spiritual person and take signals from around me and messages from the universe to know that I am guided by a spiritual energy and that whatever I go through in life no weapon shall prosper against me in any particular way and that success can be made from our own continuous faith. So don’t lose trust, there’s always light at the end of the problems of life, and my songs talk about the faith that’s needed to get an individual there without any fears.

You say that you draw on 90s RnB sound for this album. Are there any particular artists or songs, or other influences, from that era that have inspired you and what for you is the appeal of this era? 

Some of my greatest musical influences include many talented singer songwriters from that era including Jill Scott, Soul For Real, Silk, 702, Kut Klose, Lauryn Hill, Usher, Boyz II Men and Brandy and so many more.

As a musician, what is your definition of success?

My idea of success is knowing that my songs have helped society in whatever message I was intending in my song, and also knowing that I can make enough money from it someday to help support my family. This is important to me, as I would like to return financially whatever they’ve done for me to help me in life, so now I would like to help them.

What advice would you give to young or aspiring musicians?

Well, I am an aspiring musician myself so giving advice out at the moment would be difficult as I’m not that much of an established musician myself yet. However, what I would say is to continue with the process and don’t give up. There are going to be many hurdles in the way where you feel like giving up – although it’s natural to feel this way, continue with the grind and you’ll see results at the end if you have faith.

What’s the one thing we’re not talking about in the music industry which you really feel we should be?

I would say if there was a way to put more soul into the music in the industry – there has not been enough of over the last few years.

What next? Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

I would love to be touring across many countries and nationally at major events as the next major RnB/Soul artist from the UK.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Mental peace is my answer, put simply.

What is your most treasured possession?


What is your present state of mind?

To get more recognised as a new successful music artist, and continuously grind towards that goal.

HJ Soul’s album ‘All In The Mind’ is available now. Listen via Spotify, AppleMusic, Deezer etc.

HJ Soul is an acclaimed RnB/Soul Singer Songwriter. He began his professional career with a soulful sound that started with cover songs, and he now writes his own songs about the story of his journey. The release of his first critically acclaimed EP ‘Soul Desires’ was very popular with its new contemporary RnB sound, especially with the track ‘Fantasy’ which was able to get a lot of momentum with listeners. He then released an EP in April 2022 called ‘Desired’ and this EP epitomised the soulfulness that he admired from the 90s RnB era of music. He has been consistently grinding to complete his new album that’s out this year 2022 called ‘All In The Mind’ and the album has many songs that raise awareness for mental health which is a relevant topic of today. The newly released single called ‘All In The Mind’ will also be a song that’s included in that album. He will be releasing another EP called ‘My Love’ this summer, and will also release more soulful singles later this year as well.