Charlotte Botterill, composer

I like to have a theme, or subject matter, for my piece either before I start, or in the very early improvising stages. This helps me shape my piece. I often use landscapes, both rural and urban, to inspire my work. Sometime I draw a picture of what the piece should look like!

Meredi, composer

‘Stardust’ is all about melodies. I really wanted to get back to the core of every composition, to the beginning of every cosmos. Every track is concentrated on its own melody and every melody shows its own universe.

Aya Yoshida, composer

So many people have inspired me; not only composers or musicians but also artists in various disciplines.

Rosita Piritore, composer

The composer must produce what he/she has in his/her mind, pursuing his/her own musical language, but also taking into account particularities of the commission and exploiting them to his/her advantage.

Marina Vesic, composer

The joy when the work will be played is definitely a special pleasure. I mostly use Sibelius for writing and once when I give a musician a part, then my music come to life. That is a very special moment.

Gila Carcas, composer

Who or what inspired you to take up composing, and pursue a career in music? I was brought up in a musical family. Although my father was a bank manager, he nearly became a professional musician when he was younger. In his spare time, he played the viola and conducted choirs. My mother was a…