Violeta Vicci, violinist

Since launching Livestream Reimagined, both the natural scenery and the musical choices are very much influenced by wanting to bring people closer to my inspiration. It is a harmonious audio visual presentation, designed to draw the listener into the imaginary world that fits the music.

Anna Ovsyanikova, violinist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music and who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? The first inspiration was my parents – they both graduated from St. Petersburg Conservatoire as conductors. My mum went on to join the chorus of the Mikhailovsky Opera…

Katherine Hunka, violinist

Success for me is to be continually growing artistically, and therefore an inspiration to those we collaborate with. I find it unhelpful to think too much about how an audience will receive what I do (other than when programming). Success for me means staying true to myself.

Sophie Hutchings, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano, and pursue a career in music? I grew up in a very musically noisy household! Music was always playing around the house. There was a family piano in the main living area which my dad used for arranging. My earliest recollection was playing nonsensically on…