Walter Witt, pianist

Stay true to what is written but trust your instincts. Listen deeply. Never stop searching. Never give up on what you love to do as a musician or in life. If you do, it is like running out of water, you will die of thirst.

Iyad Sughayer, pianist

I go through phases and get fascinated and obsessed by certain composers and sound worlds. I love bringing unknown works to the stage and usually perform works I’m currently in love with!

Nicola Meecham, pianist

Be true to yourself and plough your own furrow. A musician’s career path is often a lonely and frustrating one so you need to maintain self-belief

Dmytro Choni, pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? My mother is a classical music lover. She dreamt of playing the violin in her youth but didn’t have a chance to pursue this dream. Therefore, she took all of us, her four children, to a music school in Kyiv. That’s how it all…