Jakub Niewiadomski, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up piano, and pursue a career in music? When I was four years old, I was impressed by a TV concert. My grandfather gave me an accordion. Teachers told my parents that I needed to start from the piano. Since then, the piano has been my companion. Who…

Nino Gvetadze, pianist

With every new piece or reperformance you need to find a key that opens many doors. To find that thread, that comes from composer, passes through you and reaches the audience is always a great challenge…

Alfredo Ovalles, pianist

The first memories I have of wanting to be a musician come from watching Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson performing, which made me think being on a stage would be a lot of fun. To this day, the stage is one of my favourite places and is where I feel the most comfortable

Warren Mailley-Smith, pianist

For me, success is someone coming up to me after a concert and saying: “Today was my first classical concert. And I really loved it. And I’m definitely going to come again.”

Walter Witt, pianist

Stay true to what is written but trust your instincts. Listen deeply. Never stop searching. Never give up on what you love to do as a musician or in life. If you do, it is like running out of water, you will die of thirst.