James Gilchrist, tenor

… treat every performance as equally important. It’s so easy to say the “big gigs” are the big ones. Of course they are. But the little ones matter just as much. Even more, perhaps

Rachel Nicholls, soprano

Hard work and reliability. They’ve stood me in very good stead always. Also try to be a friendly and pleasant colleague, but don’t be afraid to stand up for things you think to be essential. Nicely. Don’t EVER be a diva.

Kate Semmens, soprano

When work and performance opportunities are clear and flowing, there is the challenge of meeting the needs of the music, but this is exciting and stimulating and often finds its own solutions.

Elena dtm Lorenzi, singer

I love the energy that a singer transmits, the depth of the interpretation and the truth of what is told through music.

Carly Paoli, mezzo-soprano

I feel ‘successful’ when an audience shows me that I have transported them to a different world, that I have moved them, that they have enjoyed my performances and that I have paid tribute to the composer and lyricists intentions.