Robert Hugill, composer

I always like working with restrictions which become challenges, and like working for a particular set of requirements. Also, the aim to fit the music to the performers. The challenge can be to make something which is accessible yet interesting.

Dominic Murcott, composer

Who or what inspired you to take up composing, and pursue a career in music? I started drumming when I was 15 as a way of avoiding things in life that bothered me. Along with educating, that was my career for 10 years. At that point a desire to create something of my own gradually…

Kevin Cahill, guitarist & composer

For the compositions on my upcoming album, they are mainly guitar driven. Some people have described the music as quite ‘cinematic’ or ‘ethereal’ but for me they capture my feelings at this moment of my career. It’s like a window into my musical influences.

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg, composers & musicians

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Mikael: We were raised in a musical home, and so music became an integral part of our lives from very early on. Mom would play music on her record player from the early morning and throughout the day, and I’m thankful for the way…

Raymond Yiu, composer

The main purpose for me as a composer is to communicate ideas, ask questions and trigger emotion in my audience and performers. If someone comes up to me and expresses some form of reaction and thoughts after hearing my music, I think I have succeeded.

Philip Hermann, pianist & composer

Be open to try the things you’ve never done before. Sometimes, I hear musicians say that they don’t play this or that style of music because they either don’t feel comfortable with it or simply don’t like it. I experience again and again that beauty can be found in almost every single piece of musi