Ensemble Resonanz

David-Maria Gramse, violinist, responds on behalf of Ensemble Resonanz Who or what inspired you to take up [your chosen instrument], and pursue a career in music? Passion for music, lust for communication and a pinch of irrationality. Who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? Our identity as…

Jiyeong Mun, pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? None of my family were musicians. But my mom loves classical music and always put on classical music at home when I was a child. I started to learn the piano at the age of 5 and immediately it became the most important in…

Rafael Marino Arcaro, composer

My compositional language has shifted slowly over the years, although the way I structure music and my artistic goals have not changed much. During the past few years I have been mostly influenced by the sound of Brazilian native element

Martin Kohlstedt, composer & pianist

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? The urge came from the inside, with very few outside triggers. I found no other way then to misuse the untuned piano in the living room to pick apart my inner workings as a twelve-year-old. The reason was seldom of the normal, “inspirational“ nature…

Jonathan Dove, composer

Dreamily and fitfully at first, as vague initial ideas start to emerge; then more continuously, as they gradually turn into stronger, more potent ideas. Mostly I work out pieces at the keyboard, but walking and cycling are also an important part of the process.